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Nov 20, 2012

Can Custom Events also be Affordable Events?

Reality TV has granted the general population access to the best of everything from their sofa. Designers, chefs, entrepreneurs and just plain rich people let us into their lives and suddenly the average American has a discerning palette and a real “eye” for good design.

The accessibility of all this information has raised the standards for so many leisure industries and the event industry is no exception.  Once folks see exactly how premium an event can be, they immediately think they could have that experience.  As an event professional in the Northeast, I do believe that you get what you pay for and you cannot get gold for the price of silver, I do think there is hope in the quest for cost effective quality.

After considering frequent requests, I found the common denominator is “custom”.  Well, the word “custom” is pretty scary for someone in the rental event industry.  Our response was to expand the business to include fabrication.  It was a natural progression since we often built our own rental inventory.  This definitely scratched the itch for our New York customers, but still didn’t address part two of the problem, which is that not everyone has the budget to build their décor from scratch.  The next layer of response, and what I think is the brilliant part, is the development of adaptable rentals.  These are items that are easily and affordably branded or change color.

My last event tip is to hire a designer/planner, if your budget allows.  They will keep your budget and décor goals in check.  I think it’s an investment. If you are planning a large event without good direction, it’s easy to waste money.

I’ll continue to search for ways to make premium affordable, and I’ll report back with updates!

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