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Feb 27, 2013

Executing a successful event is simple… Smile.

I’m a New York native who was taught that if people are smiling at you, they are crazy or just tourists.   While occasionally one or both may be true, I’ve found smiling is a very useful tool and since happy people tend to smile, the mere act of smiling can lift your spirits and that of the folks around you.

Since the event market in the Northeast has its peak season for events, everything seems to happen at once.  When it happens, it fast paced, high stress and easy to get a little cranky. If the event industry is your livelihood, you want your project to go well, but crankiness is contagious. So my event planning tip to you is: if you are in a bad mood, it will affect productivity.

This entry is a reminder to me, my team and my friends – to smile. It’s just a party, man.

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