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Jun 24, 2016


We have all heard, “It’s not personal, it’s business” and sometimes it’s a healthy approach. In the rental industry, specifically related to private events, it’s often times very personal.


I’ve supported folks planning their wedding, their daughter’s Sweet 16, their son’s graduation party and each time I’m reminded of just how personal.  In most cases, the client has spent a significant amount of time, sometimes years, imagining the event and building up expectations of the vision, the flow and what their experience will be planning and attending.  The responsibility of managing these expectations is on the vendors that support the event. It’s crucial for an event rental consultant to answer questions honestly, maintaining a dialog rich with conversation that helps extract that vision from the client’s imagination to reality. My trick is to imagine how I would want a vendor to treat my mom. If I can live up to her expectations, I’m probably doing something right.


So this is my reminder to myself, my colleagues and my industry that it is business, but it’s still personal.



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