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Jun 17, 2014

Plan Accordingly

2014 proves to be a tremendous year for soccer fans across the globe. Why you may ask? The FIFA World Cup is back after a long four years, and fans could not be more excited to cheer on their home nations. There is one home nation, who is not entirely thrilled with elaborate sporting spectacle. That country would be the host country, of Brazil.

What?! Brazil?! One would think that a country would feel honored and blessed to have such an amazing sporting event take place on one’s home turf. Not Brazil. NBC News reports this disappointment because of how poorly the event was planned and execute. In 2007, Brazil may have over indulged in their ideas and plans for the World Cup. Now, there are stadiums unfinished, infrastructure in shambles, and budget TWICE as high as. They simply over did, with not enough time.

Hearing this heartbreaking news about the lack of delivery is truly upsetting, especially as a fellow member of the even t industry.  One would like to assume that a large scale event such as this would be in tip top shape when it’s time for KICK off. This just proves that even the biggest and most elaborate events can sometimes be slight disasters.

When planning an event, whether the World Cup or a Fourth of July gathering, timing and scheduling is everything to make sure the day of the event is picture perfect. You want to leave yourself plenty of time in case item numbers, budgets, or the amount of guests’ changes.  You also want to stay within your means. There are plenty of ways to make an event gorgeous and breathtaking while staying within a budget.

So, next time you are planning an event, know your boundaries and give yourself plenty of time!

Check out NBC News article for information about the World Cup facilities!


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