Clear Span Tents

The clearspan structures offer many benefits including:

    Clear space without centerpoles and guylines

    Ideal branding capabilities

    White or clear vinyl tops and wall are available in most sizes

    Easy to heat and air condition – climate controllable with kedered sidewalls

    Structure is engineered for high winds and inclement weather

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Product Description

Clearspan Tents create a unique surrounding for high profile events.  The ultimate in design flexibility, these tents provide a well secured  environment for short and long term installations.

Clearspan Tents are assembled with box beam aluminum frame structures making them incredibly strong. The absence of center poles creates an open and airy feel with no obstructed views and allows for maximum use of interior space.

Clearspan Tents can be installed with custom additions such as glass or hard sides and white or clear tops. They handle adverse weather well and are excellent for long?term placements.

Clearspan Tents are perfect for weddings, luncheons, festivals, concerts, presentation and commercial spaces, long-term storage facilities and classrooms. Clearspans have the capability of being used with or without gables.