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High Peak Tents

High peak tents are frame tents that feature less hardware and a modern silhouette. These tents provide the versatility of a frame tent with the elegance of a rope and pole tent. This style tent is available in smaller units and can be combined to create larger coverings. Unique structures, hexagon, and triangle tents are also part of the high peak tent family. These are some limitations in installation. A site inspection is recommended.

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Product Description

Wrapping around a street block? No Problem. Single High Peak Tents or several High Peak tents joined together can adhere to any shape or configuration you are looking to create.

A modern alternative to the Frame tent is the High Peak Tent. This modular line is available in single, double or multiple peaks. These High Peak Tents provide a dramatic and glamorous feel to any occasion. A chic and stylish derivative of the frame tent, High Peak Tents offers the same functionality and unobstructed views with a more contemporary look.