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Pole Tents

Pole tents are a classic tenting solution that relies on center support poles and exterior guidelines that extend 6-8’ outside the perimeter of the tent. We offer pole style tents that use tension in the fabric top to add support to the structure. These tents are able to handle higher winds and longer installations than traditional pole tents.

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Product Description

If it’s that classic dramatic feel you are looking for while being budget conscience – look no further than a classic Pole Tent. Traditional Pole Tents are often used for weddings, trade shows, galas, parties, festivals and more. Available in solid and striped color options, these tents can be decorated to complement any occasion.

Traditional Pole Tent rentals provide more covered area for less money than most types of tents. This makes the traditional pole tent ideal for covering extremely large areas efficiently. When people dream of tent rentals, they dream of Pole Tents rentals.

While the silhouette is attractive, it is important to consider the application of this type of tent. Pole tents rely on the combination of interior center poles and exterior guidelines that extend up to 8′ outside the tent perimeter. These tents can be installed on grass or asphalt where staking is possible.