Saddle Span

The saddlespan tent offers a modern solution for an event space. With the elements of a tension tent and the innovative design essential in the event industry, the saddlespan can be used as a band shell or combined to create a stunning special event space.

  • S2000: approximate footprint: 40’ x60’ / 2000 sq ft usable space
  • S5000: approximate footprint: 60’x70’/ 4000 sq ft usable space
  • S5000 closed: approximate footprint: 60’ x 90’ / 5000 sq ft usable space
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Product Description

Whether you’re a looking for the perfect acoustical stage cover, or an attention-grabbing visual element, our unique tents will help you project an image of style and sophistication. With a light weight perimeter truss, the Saddle Span also boasts light rigging capabilities.

Also known as the Pringle-Chip of tents – the Saddle span offers unique architectural elements that are guaranteed to impress your guests, attendees and clients alike. With a bevy of configurations, your Saddle Span can stand alone or be combined with a variety of modified Saddle Span tents to create the ultimate creative form to your event.