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Dec 13, 2016


Whether you’re hosting an event, planning, or executing, it usually goes without saying that nobody wants it to rain. When most people envision their event live, they often imagine—or at the very least, hope for—the epitome of sunshine and rainbows (literally and figuratively). This is especially true when the event is outdoors. Well, perhaps I’m jaded after all these years of working with a tent company, but I think it should also go without saying that just because you don’t want it to rain doesn’t mean that it won’t.

Enter the Rain Plan! A rain plan is essentially a Plan B that works in conjunction with your Plan A in case the weather report starts to take a turn for the worse. My favorite client response which I get all too often when asking how set up may change if we’re expecting weather is to the tune of, “Well… It’s not going to rain for OUR event. (Insert nervous laughter & forced smile.)” I assure them that I, too, want the weather to cooperate, but regardless, we should be prepared for both scenarios.

Although I can understand the natural initial resistance to planning for things not to go your way, I’ve come to find that, like many things in life, having a Plan B isn’t such a bad idea. Just think of all the perks!

Although you can’t control the weather, you can control your budget. Keeping a rain plan in mind will help to ensure that your financial backers aren’t in for a big surprise even if the weather surprises you. What’s even better? If the weather does decide to cooperate, you might have a chance at coming in under budget! Imagine that.

No need to worry about “What happens if…”  If it happens, you have your lovely little Plan B at your fingertips, just waiting for you to pull the trigger. This is what we call “peace of mind,” and what MasterCard would likely call “priceless.” After all, can you really trust the weatherman?

Everything is ready to go, waiting to make you look like a hero. It’s a given that, in the world of events, you’ll have to make some big decisions on the fly. But let’s minimize that, shall we? With a rain plan, you buy yourself the opportunity to carefully think things through and show off all of your advance planning. (At this rate, you may be tempted to do a rain dance.)



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