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Aug 21, 2012

Safety and Your Event

Since we all like events because they are generally happy, it’s a bummer to talk about things like safety and precautions.  And even less fun – talking about emergency evacuations and procedures.

I’m fortunate to say that in over 12 years in the industry and thousands of events, I’ve only had a handful of real emergencies.  Most were unavoidable and directly related to intense weather. Since weather plays such a huge part in the success of outdoor events, it’s essential to have a plan of action in place and develop a way to pass that message to your team and guests.

There are so many details to consider, but as a tent expert, I’ll take this opportunity to review some basic tent safety. I’ll start by noting that our friends who write the rules in New York State say that if winds are over 30mph, you shouldn’t be in a tent.  Reading this, it seems pretty obvious, but I’ve noticed that human intuition seems to draw people into a tent when it’s raining hard with high winds. If a tent in installed properly and weather is severe enough to make it collapse, it will implode, not fly away.  Therefore, you do not want to be inside. Spread the word – my throat is hurting from screaming it in a storm.

I don’t want to alarm anyone. These situations are not common, but if you are prepared, and your team is prepared you’ll have nothing to worry about.

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