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Nov 19, 2013

Timing is Everything

I’ll start my confessing that I write a production schedule when I host Thanksgiving for 8 people.  Some might find that excessive, but as an event professional, it makes me happy to have a plan (and all my food makes it to the table hot!).

This behavior was born from watching years and years of successful, stress free event installations that were all thanks to pretty schedule.  When tasks are outlined, assigned, scheduled and shared with your team, half the work is done. Now all you are left with is the opportunity to troubleshoot onsite knowing that your installation is on autopilot.

Now that I have shared the big secret, let’sl talk more about some basics.

After years of assisting with events in New York, I learned that it’s usually not a good practice to have all your vendors arrive at once. There are, of course, exceptions to this rule, but let’s assume best case scenario. The first step is to consider your event in layers generic xenical. Infrastructure should be complete before lighting, décor or other event furniture.  There are a million little details for deciding on the order of your vendor load in, so, as usual, I’ll speak to what I know…drum roll please…tents!

As PTG is often commissioned to provide infrastructure for events, we are typically first in and last out. It’s kind of great to be able to provide your part of the build without tripping over too many other moving parts. While it may sound selfish, it really is the most efficient way to get the job done. For example, installing a tent in a clear space will always be faster than installing a tent in a space populated by furniture. Just like installing lights in a room without furniture set up will always be faster than installing it around furniture. Just like you wouldn’t bring flowers in until your tables are set…I think you get my point.

I guess my message is to consider all the parts needed in your event planning process – make sure the time in your event space matches the time needed for all your elements and put it all in a schedule. (And then send me the schedule…since I not-so-secretly enjoy reading them)

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